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You can't get all this from any other system:

Free video tape logging tools
Bullet 3  A readable, usable user's manual: We get as many compliments on our "personal touch" manual as we do on our product.
Bullet 3 Free program upgrades for the first year.
Bullet 3 Keyboard VTR control: Log Producer automatically programs the "F" keys on your computer keyboard to operate the take deck. That kind of fingertip control saves you a lot of time.
Bullet 3 Unlimited Space For Scene Descriptions
Bullet 3 Automated Accuracy: Log Producer records the time code locations with frame accuracy at the touch of the [enter] key.
Bullet 3 Word Morph - Abbreviation Update: You can enter an abbreviation (a jersey number, for example) then update the entire log later. The team names, player names, positions and any other information you want will be added at the touch of a single button. The PGA and the NBA tell us it's a quite a time saver.

If you don't do sports, you can enter the initials of the members of the esteemed panel members, then update with full names, academic or political affiliations, etc., throughout the entire log - at a single keystroke.
Bullet 3 Non-Linear Compatibility: Log Producer EDL functions convert logs into pull lists for random access editors. We currently supply scripts for: Avid, IMIX, EMC, Lightworks, and CMX.
Bullet 3 Low Computer Memory Demand: Log Producer works just as well on an old 286 PC with 640K of memory as it does on today's high speed models.
Bullet 3 Competitor Compatibility If you already have a logging program and are unhappy with it a: you're not alone, and b: don't worry about losing all your work.

Log Producer conversion functions adapt logs made by some other logging programs into your Log Producer format.
Bullet 3 Library Back-Up: Log Producer's back-up function backs-up your log subdirectories with prompts for new diskettes or CDs as needed.
Bullet 3 World Wide Reliability: Image Logic has been serving the professional broadcast and video business since 1984.

We were the first to offer a complete PC based logging system and we're the first and only (as far as we know) company where hands-on video editors drove the development process.

Log Producer is currently at work not only in American network television, but also in Australia, Belgium, Belize, Canada, England, France, Italy, Israel, Norway, Sweden and numerous African Nations. (We're also told one copy was "acquired" by Iraq.)

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