Log Producer Technical Specifications
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Tech Specs

You'll Need:

 An IBM or compatible PC - 286/30 and higher, VTR and monitor. Image Logic Log Producer software uses about 750K bytes of disk space.

Software:  Software is provided on on 3 1/2" 720K floppies.

Standard cables & interfaces are available for:
  Red Diamond VTRs with built-in time code readers and RS-422 remote ports
  Red Diamond Sony model BVW-22
  Red Diamond BTS Model BTS-22, and
  Red Diamond BTS Model BTS-22
  Red Diamond Ampex Model CVR-22 Betacam players, and
  Red Diamond Panasonic decks with 34 PIN Remotes

This interface will read VITC or LTC time code. Image Logic can adapt it to many parallel interfaces and even to machines without interfaces, such as the Model 505 M-II machines.

New interfaces are in development. Please contact us for your particular needs.

Image Logic also enjoys a reputation for being available should you ever need support.

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