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Bullet 3 Log Producer gives you clean, legible, accurate logs:  No more trying to decipher someone else's handwriting.

No More trying to read a time code number through coffee stains or peanut butter smudges.
Bullet 3 Log Producer gives you Easily Replaceable logs:  Hand written logs get lost sometimes. With Log Producer, all you have to do is print another one.
Bullet 3 Cost/Labor Sensitivity:  Many of our clients use Log Producer on "recycled" PCs. Log Producer runs on any IBM or compatible, from the old 286 models to today's super-speed machines.
  And you don't have to be a computer genius to use it. Log Producer is menu driven and virtually novice proof. Many clients report even entry level personnel are able to use Log Producer proficiently in less than an hour. (Yes, we know that's hard to believe, but it is true... or we'll give you your money back.)
Bullet 3 Easy Retrieval:   Log Producer's Locator function gives you a report of exactly which tapes have the kind of shot you want - in any subdirectory you have.
Bullet 3 Find The Shot Fast: Log Producer's Search function takes you right to the frame you want.
Bullet 3 Automatic Tape Cueing:  Load your tape. Place the cursor at the scene you want. Hit F-10. The tape will automatically move to the frame you want and stop.
Bullet 3 Import / Export Functions:  Use your Log producer to write a script - or use your script to make a log. Either way you eliminate the time and cost of duplicate key-strokes.
Bullet 3 Unrestricted Space For Scene Descriptions:  Some systems only alloy you 50 characters or so for scene descriptions or sound bite transcription. Log Producer gives you as much space as you want - you can describe the scene as fully as you want, or transcribe the most verbose speaker - word for word - as long as you want.
Bullet 3 Shot Duration Display:  Log Producer can show you how long the shot, or the sound bite runs, right on the screen as a permanent part of the log. Building a program is a snap.
Bullet 3 Random Access  Log producer helps you organize and create Random Access Editor logs and pull lists for automatic digitizing. We're compatible with virtually all RAE equipment. Get the most out of random access editing with a logging system that won't go out of date.

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